The General Agricultural Competition

Created in 1870 , Concours Général Agricole aims to select and reward the best local French products and the best breeding animals.


It includes 3 major competitions:


  • the Animal Competition


  • the Products and Wine Competition


  • the Judging Competition


which take place each year as part of the International agricultural Show.


Because it is organized under the control of the State and follows a rigorous process of preselections and selections, the Concours Général Agricole is recognized for its impartiality and the value of the results.

Indeed, each year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food defines the rules of the competition, through the regulations available on this site, and the Ministry’s External Services (DDT) control the collection of product samples.



An ambassador of the wealth and quality of French heritage

Recognized and widely publicized, the Concours Général Agricole constitutes a unique springboard for local products, dairy products, wines and a demonstration of the excellence of French genetics.

For candidates, participating in the Concours Général Agricole means benefiting from additional legitimacy with their profession and the general public.

The competition in figures…

  • 6 animal species represented: cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses and canines
  • 120 breeds and more than 2,000 animals presented
  • 1,000 participating breeders
  • 3,666 products of farm, artisanal or industrial origin
  • 2,000 tasters dedicated to the selection of these products
  • 1,039 award-winning products
  • 15,000 wine samples
  • 2,000 experts
  • 3,551 award-winning wines


Presentation of the product competition

The Concours Général Agricole aims to select and reward the best local French products, whether they come from:

  • of farm production
  • transformation (distillation, fermentation, etc.)

in order to encourage the quest for quality and stimulate competition within production.
He is a true ambassador of the richness and quality of French heritage.

The specificities of the general agricultural competition

  • The General Agricultural Competition is the only competition organized under state control.
  • It is a benchmark competition, recognized for its impartiality, the result of a rigorous process of preselections and selections and the value of the results.
  • It is the competition with the largest number of candidates, samples and product categories in competition.
  • Its scope is national – even international due to the marketing of award-winning products abroad.
  • It is also the oldest (created in 1870).

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