The company

For more than 27 years from now, Alain Abel team’s has been helping to promote this refined flavouring for discerning consumers, not just by cultivating it, but also by preparing it and exporting it to the four corners of the earth, with love, pride and passion.

With love, passion and the search for perfection, our team has been able to assert itself in the expression of work that is always better accomplished, and thus, to raise the quality standards of Tahiti vanilla.

“Generous, Sensual, delicate, refined… wonderful.”

Tahitian vanilla, Alain Abel speaks of it as a love.

Express bio of Alain Abel

May 27, 1966: birth in Toulon, then childhood in Var

1991: installation in Tahiti, Polynesia

1995: departure from Tahiti for the island of Raiatea

1997: start in vanilla with the purchase of the first plot of land

It’s little things that change destiny. For Alain Abel, it began with “a magnificent trip to the Seychelles” at the end of his studies, which irremediably gave him a taste for the islands.

His will be Tahiti: at 25, Alain settles there as a nurse.

But it was 4 years later that his life took a decisive turn, one day in 1995. As he passes in front of an old preparer’s shop, Alain is literally struck by the smell of vanilla and fascinated by the agility with which the woman works the pod.

Love at first sight… Then head first.

Two years later, he acquired the first land intended to accommodate vanilla plantations, on the mythical island of Raiatea, cradle of the Polynesian peoples. It’s only a beginning.

It will take nearly three years of intensive work to transform this “plot of jungle” into what will become the first terroir of Tahitian vanilla.

Alain leads two lives: during the day, he works the land tirelessly.

At night, he continues to work as a nurse at the island’s hospital.

An experience that he describes as “a school of patience and passion”.

Over time, Alain sets up and trains a team of young Polynesians.

Planting, washing, sorting, refining…

Alain is present at all stages of the vanilla manufacturing chain.

Under his direction, hundreds of thousands of vanilla pods are processed daily.

“It is a philosophy of nature. The work with vanilla is artisanal and authentic.

It’s about magnifying vanilla while respecting it,” he summarizes.

In turn business manager, craftsman, salesman, Alain Abel has an eye and a handle on everything.

In 2003, while in Madagascar – the world’s largest producer and exporter of vanilla the price of Bourbon vanilla was soaring and production was falling, and Alain took the opportunity to promote Tahiti vanilla.

“Most people do not know the origin of vanilla, and even less know that there is a Tahitian vanilla that is very different from the others.”

Its specificity?

Its pod, which is the only one not to split before maturity, allowing

a late harvest when the flavors are at their peak.

“A flowery taste, with aromas of caramel and chocolate and very fresh notes…

Once you have tasted it, you can no longer forget this unique flavor.

For me, it is the second pearl of Tahiti! “, Alain Abel ignites.

Convinced of the quality of his product, Alain goes for it and knocks on the doors of great chefs.

Audacity pays off, most literally fall under the spell of this luxury vanilla.

Today, Alain Abel’s Tahitian vanilla is distributed and used all over the world by many chefs, from Guy Savoy to Joël Robuchon, Alain Ducasse, Anne Sophie Pic and Pierre Gagnaire

Ambitious, Alain continues to cultivate the patience that has allowed him to get here.

“There is still much to do to make this magnificent product known.”