How to recognize excellent Tahitian Vanilla?

How to recognize a good Tahitian Vanilla? Tahitian vanilla is a unique variety that is found only in French Polynesia in the Society Islands.

This variety (vanilla tahitensis x) is very different vanilla bourbon guy called (vanilla planifolia).

Indeed if all components in the Bourbon vanilla are present in Tahitian vanilla, the reverse is not true!

Tahitian vanilla therefore has unique aromatic components which impart a subtle flavor, powerful and heady with floral volatile notes, buttery with infinite delicacy.

Yet he must know how to develop the best lady Vanilla flavors of Tahiti …

This is all the work of the trainer must ensure that all the time that lasts the preparation of Tahitian vanilla, the perfect expression of flavors and fragrances.

For Tahitian vanilla preparation is completely different from the Bourbon vanilla, because it must be harvested immature because of dehiscence of the fruit (pod splits into two at 7 months of growth). In contrast Tahitian vanilla is indehiscent (do not split) In contrast, Tahitian vanilla is indehiscent (does not split)

It is the only in the world to have this feature so it is harvested at full maturity in 10 months.

Hence the pod which remained 3 months more on its vine, a clove of bourbon vanilla, is full of aromas.

(30% of these flavors are formed last week before harvest)

Using these aromas and concentrates more pods will keep better.

It is easy to understand that the more vanilla bean is dry (the more it has lost its aroma and its perfumes!!!).

Anything that goes into the air during preparation or storage will no longer end up in your dessert.

Tahitian vanilla should be prepared plump.

And this is where lies the difficulty of the preparation.

We must ensure to concentrate flavors without losing the … while ensuring a perfect preservation.

Fat cloves and refined so prepared will bring incomparable finesse in a simple whipped cream.

We prepare Tahitian vanilla for over 15 years and our award-winning vanilla like no other in the world.

Our knowledge was acquired by sharing and exchanging with top chefs in the world, that record their attentesque we continually try to satisfy at best.

You would have understood it… Tahitian Vanilla is produced Noble, of very high quality, when it was properly cultivated and refined.

It must be of the year.

More and more it aged the aromatic profile of the Tahitian vanilla will approach its neighbor vanilla bourbon ..

In summary, to recognize excellent Tahitian vanilla::

1The pod must be very fat and plump, with a fine and delicate vanilla scent.

2) The color should be dark brown.

3) The original island must be identifiable.

4) Warning: 3 UNIQUE names sign the assurance of a quality label clearly identifying winning the most coveted and vanilla in the world:

Only real Grands Crus ® and prepared for you by Tahiti Vanille.

5) The pod must be freshly prepared between 6 months / one year and refining should be a minimum of 90 days.

NB : The size does not matter about the quality (as long as vanilla harvested at full maturity)