Curing process

This consists of promoting the formation of the flavour, and keeping the bean in ideal storage conditions.

The preparation of the vanilla is staggered over a period of four to five months.

This phase is crucial, which is why Alain ABEL and his Tahiti Vanille® Team are extremely careful to ensure that meticulous care, patience, know-how and passion go into the work our team does each day.

Curing process is broken down into five phases:

*Rinsing the beans :

Typical of Tahitian preparation. This is characteristic of Tahitian preparation. The beans are rinsed in clear water.


The beans must be exposed to gentle morning sun for three to four hours per day, for about one month.

During the rest of the day, the vanilla beans are stored in cloth and put into crates to promote transpiration.

Little by little, the vanilla bean will lose weight and shrink.

Throughout this phase, the vanilla must be worked by smoothing and flattening it between the thumb and the index finger.

*Air drying, sorting:

When the vanilla has received sufficient sunlight, it is left to dry in a shaded and ventilated place for 40 days to lower its moisture content.


The vanilla is sorted by length and quality.

*Maturation or refining:

The final stage takes place in the cases where the vanilla is stored.

Its taste and fragrance will be greatly enhanced and refined.

This stage lasts from 60 to 90 days.