Awards Gold medal 2023

December 2022 : Our vanilla beans “Grands Crus” are Gold Medal awarded by 1001 DEGUSTATIONS in France.


The opinion of the tasting committee:

Magnificent fleshy, oily and shiny pods. To the touch we know that we will love it Warm, exotic, gourmet and woody scents. Exceptional product. Exceptional product. When opened, ultra-fine seeds and shiny just waiting to be infused in a fat. Its fine and just flavors will sublimate your creams, your panacottas and all your pastries.

Gold Medal 2022

janvier 2022 : Our vanilla beans “Grands Crus” are Gold Medal awarded by 1001 DEGUSTATIONS in France.



The opinion of the tasting committee:


We are amazed by these impressive fatty, fleshy and fluffy pods that invite us to pastry. At the opening, the generosity speaks, many microbeads of vanilla like caviar which gives off woody, smoky, slightly cocoa notes. Just awesome! Not to mention the Bora Bora origin which will take you on a journey in your pastries.

CGA Paris Gold Medal 2019

The General Agricultural Competition

Created in 1870 , Concours Général Agricole aims to select and reward the best local French products and the best breeding animals.


It includes 3 major competitions:


  • the Animal Competition


  • the Products and Wine Competition


  • the Judging Competition


which take place each year as part of the International agricultural Show.


Because it is organized under the control of the State and follows a rigorous process of preselections and selections, the Concours Général Agricole is recognized for its impartiality and the value of the results.

Indeed, each year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food defines the rules of the competition, through the regulations available on this site, and the Ministry’s External Services (DDT) control the collection of product samples.



An ambassador of the wealth and quality of French heritage

Recognized and widely publicized, the Concours Général Agricole constitutes a unique springboard for local products, dairy products, wines and a demonstration of the excellence of French genetics.

For candidates, participating in the Concours Général Agricole means benefiting from additional legitimacy with their profession and the general public.

The competition in figures…

  • 6 animal species represented: cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses and canines
  • 120 breeds and more than 2,000 animals presented
  • 1,000 participating breeders
  • 3,666 products of farm, artisanal or industrial origin
  • 2,000 tasters dedicated to the selection of these products
  • 1,039 award-winning products
  • 15,000 wine samples
  • 2,000 experts
  • 3,551 award-winning wines


Presentation of the product competition

The Concours Général Agricole aims to select and reward the best local French products, whether they come from:

  • of farm production
  • transformation (distillation, fermentation, etc.)

in order to encourage the quest for quality and stimulate competition within production. He is a true ambassador of the richness and quality of French heritage.

The specificities of the general agricultural competition

  • The General Agricultural Competition is the only competition organized under state control.
  • It is a benchmark competition, recognized for its impartiality, the result of a rigorous process of preselections and selections and the value of the results.
  • It is the competition with the largest number of candidates, samples and product categories in competition.
  • Its scope is national – even international due to the marketing of award-winning products abroad.
  • It is also the oldest (created in 1870).

Gold Medal awarded 2018

May 2016 : Our vanilla beans “Grands Crus” are Gold Medal awarded by 1001 DEGUSTATIONS in France.


The opinion of the tasting committee:

Nice vanilla pod , very fleshy and mellow At the opening, seeds abundant well black and fat sign of a good maturity Rich intense flavors mingling the exoticism, the mango, the flower of lemon trees In the mouth of the notes of biscuits out of the oven, a soft wooded HAS let steep in a fatty body to attach the aromas, it magnifiera your most beautiful desserts as the classic but. nevertheless. delicious custard.

In Madagascar, vanilla prices soar, its quality deteriorates

Its price has tripled in two years and quality has deteriorated. Experts point to a disappointing harvest in Madagascar, the world’s producer, speculation and money laundering.


In Madagascar, vanilla prices soar, its quality deteriorates

Vanilla, popular for ice cream and confectionery, has a bitter taste for buyers: its price has tripled in two years and quality has deteriorated, according to experts who point to a disappointing harvest in Madagascar, the world’s producer, speculation and money laundering.


Madagascar, a poor island in the Indian Ocean off Mozambique, provides over 80% of world production. In 2014, Madagascar vanilla kilo sold for about $ 60, before moving on to some 135 dollars in 2015 and to 220 dollars currently.


Vanilla has become so expensive that in some supermarkets in the capital Antananarivo, the pods are not found in the spice department but close crates, to deter thieves.


“The Malagasy harvest in 2015 was not excellent: about 1,200 tonnes against 1,800 the previous year,” says Emmanuel Born, head of department at Touton ingredients, including vanilla French trader.

“But this does not justify a price increase as it has seen this year,” he adds immediately AFP. “Operators are highly speculative,” he notes, denouncing an “irrational” market.


“There are large operators who have large stocks and outbid” adds Dominique Rakotoson, head of a family business vanilla collection Sambava (northeast) and one of the few players in the sector Malagasy vanilla loan to testify.


Due to the soaring prices, “many buyers abroad have had to cancel or reduce their control,” he complained, while half of the Malagasy vanilla is exported to Europe and one third to the States United.

Industrialists in the food also raise the question of greater use of synthetic vanilla, cheaper, in their products, says Emmanuel Nee.


Especially as the quality of the spice has deteriorated in recent years producers gather vanilla while it has not yet reached maturity to take advantage of rising prices, but also prevent theft in planting.

Money laundering

The use of vacuum packaging, while vanilla is still full of water, is also increasingly common. “The vacuum interrupt the drying process, which deteriorates the quality of vanilla,” admits Njaka Landry, secretary of the National Platform of vanilla, Madagascar private organization bringing together industry players.


The complex process of preparation of vanilla – scalding, steaming, drying in the sun and in the shade – is sloppy. “The trainers are forced to redo work” before exporting the pods, which also contributes to the increase in prices, says Emmanuel Nee.


To fight against the production of poor quality vanilla, the government recently many announcements including the prohibition of the vacuum packaging.


To mark the occasion, the government also burned in March 500 kilos of vanilla that was not mature, according to the director of foreign trade at the Ministry of Commerce, Sylvia Pages.


Authorities also announced the setting up of special brigades responsible for preventing theft or picking immature vanilla, measures including Emmanuel Born however doubts the effectiveness.


But another reason less blameless says soaring prices: trade vanilla used to launder money from illegal traffic of rosewood, very sought after by Chinese for making furniture and musical instruments, say AFP several actors.


Vanilla and rosewood pull in the same region, northeast of Madagascar. Illicit money timber traffic and “reinvested” in the legal trade of vanilla, fueling speculation on this spice. “It is in the wood strongholds of pink found speculators on the price of vanilla,” says Dominique Rakotoson.


In the medium term, the Big Island could be herself a victim of the price increase. Due to its current profitability, several countries such as Vietnam, India and Indonesia are interested again in vanilla production.


It takes about five years to produce a first crop. But such competition would deal a blow to Madagascar, where the industry directly employs 200,000 people and generated $ 192 million in exports in 2015.



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Superior taste award 2016 TAHITI VANILLE

May 2016 Our great wines of Tahiti Vanile get the maximum score (3 stars) in The International Taste & Quality Institute – iTQi Information about the International Taste & Quality Institute

The International Taste & Quality Institute (International Institute of Taste and Quality) is an independent organization that aims to test and promote food and taste of beverages higher from around the world.

To appoint members of its juries, iTQi works closely with the 12 most prestigious European culinary institutions such as the Maîtres Cuisiniers of France and Belgium, Academy of Culinary Arts, the Association of Greek Chefs Academy Culinaire of France, Verband der Köche Deutschlands, the Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe, the Federación de Asociaciones Cocineros of Spain, the Federerazione Italiana dei Cuochi, the Association of Portuguese Chief, Årets Kock of Sweden, Euro-Toques and the Association of the ASI (ASI).
Superior Taste Award – Superior Taste Award

The “Michelin food” Trends Magazine, August 21, 2008


Superior Taste Awards

The following Awards can be granted to a tested product:


*** An exceptional product with an overall rating equal to or greater than 90%
** An outstanding product with a global rating between 80% and 90%
* A product deemed in good taste with an overall rating of 70% to 80%


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How to recognize good Tahitian Vanilla bean?

How to recognize a good Tahitian Vanilla? Tahitian vanilla is a unique variety that is found only in French Polynesia in the Society Islands.

This variety (vanilla tahitensis x) is very different vanilla bourbon guy called (vanilla planifolia).


Indeed if all components in the Bourbon vanilla are present in Tahitian vanilla

the reverse is not true!

Tahitian vanilla therefore has unique aromatic components which impart a subtle flavor, powerful and heady with floral volatile notes, buttery with infinite delicacy.

Yet he must know how to develop the best lady Vanilla flavors of Tahiti …



Yet he must know how to develop the best lady Vanilla flavors of Tahiti …


This is all the work of the trainer must ensure that all the time that lasts the preparation of Tahitian vanilla, the perfect expression of flavors and fragrances.

to the perfect expression of aromas and perfumes.


For Tahitian vanilla, the preparation is completely different from Bourbon vanilla,

because the latter must be picked immature because of the dehiscence of the fruit (the pod splits in two

Body at 7 months of growth). In contrast, Tahitian vanilla is indehiscent (does not split)


It is the only one in the world to have this particularity, so it is harvested at full maturity after 10 months.



Hence the pod which remained 3 months more on its vine, a clove of bourbon vanilla, is full of aromas.


(30% of these flavors are formed last week before harvest)


Using these aromas and concentrates more pods will keep better.


It is easy to understand that the more vanilla bean is dry (the more it has lost its aroma and its perfumes!!!).

All that is left in the air during the preparation or storage will not find in your dessert ..


Tahitian vanilla should be prepared plump.





And this is where lies the difficulty of the preparation.

We must ensure to concentrate flavors without losing the … while ensuring a perfect preservation.


Fat cloves and refined so prepared will bring incomparable finesse in a simple whipped cream.


We prepare Tahitian vanilla for over 15 years and our award-winning vanilla like no other in the world.


Our knowledge was acquired by sharing and exchanging with top chefs in the world, that record their attentesque we continually try to satisfy at best.

who delivers to us their expectations which we continually try to satisfy as best we can.


You would have understood it… You’ll understand … Tahitian Vanilla is produced Noble, of very high quality, when it was

properly cultivated and refined.

It must be of the year.

More and more it aged the aromatic profile of the Tahitian vanilla will approach its neighbor vanilla bourbon ..



In summary, to recognize excellent Tahitian vanilla::



1.The pod must be very fat and plump, with a fine and delicate vanilla scent.


2) The color should be dark brown.


3) The original island must be identifiable.


4) Warning: 3 UNIQUE names sign the assurance of a quality label clearly identifying

winning the most coveted and vanilla in the world:





Only real Grands Crus ® and prepared for you by Tahiti Vanille.

5) The pod must be freshly prepared between 6 months / one year and refining should be a minimum of 90 days.


NB : The size does not matter about the quality (as long as vanilla harvested at full maturity)







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Fabrice B
mercredi 15 avril 2020 21:19:00
A pure marvel, I love using it and the whole family has become a fan!
Thank you for giving us access to such quality
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