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Christian Boudard was a lucky child: his father was a professional chef who prepared delicious dishes for his family and took his children out to restaurants regularly.

His grandmother had a garden and cooked up her vegetables and chickens for lunch each day for Christian and his brothers, who were spared from cafeteria food.

Christian loved what he ate and adored what he saw. He was fascinated by everything in the kitchen. When he was about 10-years-old, he announced that he would become a “cook”.

When it came time to choose his career field, he did just this.

He entered the Sainte-Anne professional high school in Saint Nazaire with a major in “cuisine” and seemed happy with his choice.

In 1998, he applied for a cooking internship at the GUY SAVOY restaurant, but only one spot was left… in pastry-making. He accepted the offer in order to join the prestigious restaurant.

So, to enter the great restaurant, he accepts the position in pastry making.

And he discovered that pastries were his passion! The desserts at the GUY SAVOY restaurant were extremely light, with only a hint of sugar. Moreover, they focused on fruits and different versions of their textures and flavours.

This conception of dessert surprises Christian Boudard, it seduces him and ultimately fascinates him. This dessert concept surprised Christian Boudard, before winning him over, heart and soul. After his training, with his cooking diploma in hand, he decided to become a pastry chef!

After several internships and years of pastry-making in various Guy Savoy restaurants, where he fine-tuned his skills, he returned to the restaurant on the Rue Troyon in 2007, but this time through the main entrance: Guy Savoy had asked him to become the pastry chef of the restaurant.


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